Reporting Misconduct

Cautions to players or substitutes (yellow cards) do not require any documentation other than the player team, number, and code for the misconduct on that team's game card.  If you warned a coach or spectator, also note the warning on the game card, identifying the specific coach involved.  You do not need to identify the spectator, as coaches are held responsible for the behavior of their spectators.

If you send off a player or substitute (red card), or if you dismiss a coach or spectator, you must complete an AYSO Misconduct Report Form.  When you have completed the form, please email it to our Regional Referee Administrator.  If the incident in question involved an injury, the threat of violence or actual violence, summoning law enforcement, or willful damage to property, please complete an AYSO Incident Report Form as well.

Removing anyone from a match is a serious matter.  Your attention to detail and prompt reporting of the facts will help the Region apply the proper sanction for the misconduct.  Any member of the Referee Committee can assist you in properly documenting an ejection.