Intermediate Referee Classes

Attention All Regional Referees:

Region 7 and Area 1D are putting on Intermediate Referee classes in the coming month!   Why drive to the corners of the earth when you can go to Westchester or Redondo Beach!


eAYSO Roster number 201500205

Dates are February 23 (Mon), February 25 (Wed) and March 2 (Mon); 7:00PM to 10:00PM

The class will be held at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 6320 W 80th Street in Westchester (Corner of Sepulveda and 80th Street)

Redondo Beach

eAYSO Roster number 201500309

Date: March 14th (Saturday), 8 AM to 5 PM (all day class)

The class will be held at Parras Middle School, 200 North Lucia Ave, Redondo Beach.

These are excellent opportunities to move up your referees to the next level; and with Spring League just around the corner they will be able to put their new skills to work immediately!

We recommend this course for regional referees who have shown an interest in improving their refereeing skills and advancing with their children as they move up to higher divisions.