Spring Soccer is Coming

It's that time again!  When thoughts turn like the leaves from playoffs to Spring Soccer!  Yes, Region 18, together with Area 1D, will have Spring Soccer next year – and although we don’t yet have all of the information (like final registration dates), we wanted to get some information posted as soon as possible.  We have highlighted some answers to pretty frequent questions below.

Like years past, there is no draft for Spring Soccer.  Teams are formed on their own by you (parents, coaches, players) and are then registered – so the load and responsibility to find a coach and player, falls on you.  YOUR CHILD MUST HAVE PLAYED FALL SOCCER IN ORDER TO QUALIFY TO PLAY SPRING SOCCER.  There are no playoffs in Spring Soccer.  Most teams that are formed overcompensate with the number of players on the team – due to other scheduling conflicts that seem to be greater during Spring.  For instance, during Fall, U12 rosters have 13 or 14 players – during Spring, that number could (and maybe should) be 18.

Again, as we are provided more information by the Area, we will update this post.  Start to talking to your players, coaches, and parents!