The AYSO Region 18 Referee Committee


The Referee Committee manages our Referee program and provides the resources our Referees need to succeed on the field.  Please do not hesitate to contact any one of our Committee Members if you have a comment, concern, question, or criticism regarding officiating in AYSO Region 18, including concerns regarding fields, players, spectators, or coaches.  Simply click a name to send an e-mail.

Scott Jarus
Regional Referee Administrator (RRA)

Scott leads the Referee Program and is responsible for ensuring that all games within Region 18 are staffed with qualified, current-year volunteers.  Scott is the lead representative of the Referee Community to the Region 18 Board of Directors, and he also represents our Referees to Area D and Section 1 of AYSO.  Scott holds a voting position on the AYSO Region 18 Board of Directors.

Michael Hinz
Regional Director of Referee Assessment (RDRA)

Michael leads our staff of certified Referee Assessors.  Our Assessors provide much more than formal Assessments and Observations for badge upgrades; they are prepared to offer personal mentoring and a friendly review of your work as a referee.  The Region is equipped with several sets of RefCom radio systems which may be used for mentoring and instruction during matches.  Michael is our liaison to Area D and Section 1 of AYSO for assessing referees from throughout Southern California.  Michael holds a voting position on the AYSO Region 18 Board of Directors.

Karl Primm
Regional Director of Referee Instruction (RDRI)

Karlleads our staff of Referee Instructors in the certification of new Regional Referees through the Basic Referee Course and assists current Referees with on-field training and opportunities for advancement to Intermediate, Advanced, and even National badges.  Karl holds a voting position on the AYSO Region 18 Board of Directors.

Bill Fournell
Youth Referee Coordinator

Billlooks after our growing cadre of Youth Referees.  His role is to serve Youth Referees not only as an adviser but also as an advocate for any Youth Referee seeking assistance from the Region Bill for any reason whatsoever, and he will represent that youth's interest to the appropriate parties.  Bill holds a voting position on the AYSO Region 18 Board of Directors.

Krista Skinner
Referee Mentor Coordinator

Krista is also responsible for the Region’s referee mentoring program which provides coaching and guidance to referees interested in improving their game performance.  Krista holds a voting position on the AYSO Region 18 Board of Directors.

Nedra Yost
Women's Referee Liaison

Nedra manages a group of female referees, both youth & adults, who communicate regularly through e-mail.  The group offers advice and support specific to the challenges facing women in the Referee Community.

Regional Referee Scheduler

The Referee Scheduler ensures coverage for Region 18's obligations to U16 and U19 matches which are managed by Area 1D.  He/she also serves our Region 18 community by assisting Division Referee Coordinators with finding properly qualified officials for local Region 18 games.


Region 18 can provide a mentor to work with you to improve your game or talk with you about a game situation that you have encountered.  We can also supply a Referee Assessor to help prepare you for upgrading to the next certification level and to conduct official assessments.

Region 18 also has a referee communication device that can be utilized during mentoring or in preparing for assessments to help improve the overall process.  Please contact the Director of Referee Assessment if you are interested in finding a mentor, obtaining an assessment, or just simply receiving a friendly, helpful review of your skills.