Welcome referees and all those interested in getting involved as a referee.  

Refereeing is a great way to volunteer while providing a challenge to you mentally and physically.   Talk to any referee and they will tell you how addictive and fun it can be.  AYSO is always looking for more volunteers so don't hesitate to sign up and get started!

Referee Scheduling System

The Referee Scheduling System (RSS) will be available for the Fall AYSO season on Labor Day. Use the above Referee Login button to access the RSS directly.  For instructions and the User’s Guide, click here

Current News

The following training opportunities are available in our geographic area:

Section 1 Roadshow is January 6-8 at Arcadia High School (180 Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA).  All
levels of referee courses will be offered, including Regional (Basic), Intermediate, Advanced and
National training; as well as Referee Instructor and Assessor classes.  Information on the courses
and registration can be found at:

Area 11L (South Orange County) is having another of their popular and well-taught training weekends on January 27-29 at Laguna Hills High School (25401 Paseo de Valencia, Laguna Hills CA).  They are teaching Regional (Basic), Intermediate, Advanced and National Referee courses, and a Referee Instructor class.  If you are interested, go to to register.

The Ken Aston Referee Camp will be held the weekend of June 23-25 at Chapman University in  the city of Orange, CA.  They will be teaching Intermediate, Advanced and National Referee  courses, and a full suite of Referee Instructor and Referee Assessor classes.  Ken Aston Referee  Camp affords attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in a supportive, fun and  educational referee environment, bond with dozens of other referees, and hear from  internationally renowned and experienced referees.  Information and registration can be found  at

In addition to the above training opportunities, Area 1D is planning on conducting an Intermediate  Referee course, hosted by Region 21 (Hawthorne) in January; and an Advanced Referee course (location TBD) in mid-March.  Stand-by for more information on these classes soon. Each of these programs offer an excellent and efficient way for you to upgrade your skills (and badge  levels), as well as take on new and challenging opportunities, such as instruction and assessment.

November 2016

Region 18 U10, U12 and U14 division Play-Offs begin on Friday, November 11th.  Game schedules will be posted in the Referee Scheduling System (RSS) during the week of November 7th.

Please review the Rules of Competition for the Play-Offs (see the link to this document in REGION 18 REFEREE RESOURCES below).  These Rules govern the conduct of play, and how tie-games will be settled.  It is very important that you read and understand these Rules, even for those of you who have refereed Play-Off games in the past.  Some of the Rules have changed based upon the newly revised Laws of the Game.

For Play-Offs, the Division Commissioners are the final authority on which referees will officiate their division’s games.  In some cases, they may actually assign referees, but at the very least, they have final approval over who will cover their division’s games.  So, even if you self-assign for a game, you may be asked to move to another game or step down.

To assist you in the event that a game ends with Kicks From The Mark (KFTM),  a KFTM score card is available for you can use to keep track of kickers, goals, etc.  A links to the score card can be found below in REGION 18 REFEREE RESOURCES.


A four-day Advanced Referee Training course will be held on October 18th (6:30-9:30pm), October 20th (6:00-9:30pm), October 25th (6:30-9:30pm) and October 27th (6:00-9:30pm). The required physical fitness test will be held at the conclusion of day three of the class.  Candidates must be currently registered as an AYSO volunteer with Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness, and have successfully completed the Intermediate Referee Course, test and Observation.   All classes will be held at the Marine Avenue Park Recreation Activity Building, 1625 Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA.  To register for this course, log into your eAYSO account, click on “Sign Up To Take A Class” (at the bottom of the page), enter the Roster Number, 201605178, and confirm your registration.


The Returning Referees Meetings will be held on August 22 and August 25, 7:00-9:00pm, at the Joslyn Community Center (1601 N. Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach).  You only need to attend one of these meetings.

As you may know, FIFA/IFAB made some significant changes to the Laws of the Game which became effective June 1st.  At least seven of these changes have a direct impact on AYSO.  In addition, AYSO implemented the "No Header" rule for players in U12 or younger divisions.  As a result of these changes, it is very important that you attend this year's Returning Referees Meeting to learn how the Law changes will be applied in AYSO (if we weren't a volunteer organization, this would be a mandatory attendance).  We must ensure that all Region 18 referees are applying the new Laws and rule in an accurate and consistent manner.

To further encourage attendance at the Returning Referees Meeting, "referee points" for the U10 & U12 divisions will be awarded to those teams whose referees attend the Meeting (and who assign their games to a particular team).  Look for the sign-in sheet when you enter the meeting.

Also, we'll be giving away goodies and you'll be able to re-stock your referee supplies (e.g., match reports, socks, etc.).

Click here for a copy of the Returning Referees Meeting 2016 slide deck (PDF)

JULY 2016

The Fall AYSO season is upon us.  In preparation for this, I want to make you aware of a few opportunities you can take care of right now:

  1. Volunteer registration is now open for the 2016/2017 seasons, so log into your eAYSO account, click on the "Returning Adult Volunteer?" link and re-registered for this upcoming year.  Remember:  Every volunteer must re-register every year in order to remain active within AYSO.  If you don't re-register, you won't be able to referee (or coach, or be a parent volunteer, etc.).                                                                                                                                      

  2. Basic (Regional) Referee training classes begin in Region 18 on August 27th.  Click on the link below to see information on the dates, times and locations for these classes.

  3. For those Regional Referees looking to upgrade to an Intermediate Referee badge, there is a Intermediate referee class scheduled for August 27th in our Region.   Remember, if you want to (center) referee U12 games, you must be at least an Intermediate Referee; to (center) referee U14 games, you must be at least an Advanced Referee, etc.  So, if your child is moving up to an older division and you wish to continue your referee participation in his/her division (which we need badly), you may need to upgrade your referee certification.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Summer! 


Click here for details on currently available classes and how to register