Registration Process

Initial Tasks
To submit your player application, please go to eAYSO and complete your 2014 registration. For returning players, this will be a very simple process. For new players, it will take an extra five minutes to fill out some basic information and we will require a verification of the player’s birth date.

Forgot your eAYSO password?? - If you have forgotten your eAYSO login or password, click on the "Forgot Login email or Password" link and enter the requested data for your Login email or a temporary password which will be sent to your Login email. If you don't receive a response within 24 hours, call eAYSO Support at 866-588-2976 (Mon-Sat, 8am-5pm PST).

Deadline for player applications is July 31 2014. Any player application after this date will be put on a wait list and placement on a team will not be guaranteed BUT will be subject to the space availability on a team in their respective division.

Once you have submitted your player application(s), please also register yourself as a volunteer. You must register as a volunteer in order to be a team coach/assistant coach, referee official or serve in any other volunteer position. You must “re-register” annually, so even if you registered as a volunteer last season, you have to register again for Fall.

A Few Reminders
Please make sure that you check the e-signature box on your Player form and type (parent or guardian) your name on the player AND volunteer forms.

After you have registered your player(s), please pay the registration fees by credit card. Select “Online Payments” and follow the prompts. Once you complete your player application, please go back to your home page and submit your volunteer application for your desired position(s).

Your player’s registration application will not be accepted until we receive your credit card payment during the registration process. If you run into problems with online payments, please contact our Registrar at for help.

For New Region 18 Players
Registration applications must be completed with your e-signature and credit card payment at eAYSO. Once you have completed your application, then you will need to provide proof of age (date of birth) at one of our walk-in registration events (usually at Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors) which we will announce later by email or submit your new player DOB verification via email to We must confirm your new player’s birth date to complete your registration process. Please plan to present an official copy of a birth certificate or current passport.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Request a Specific Coach or Teammates?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate specific requests. AYSO mandates Balanced Teams. For U8 and above, teams are formed through a draft. For U5 and U6, the Division Commissioners consider each player’s school when forming teams, so that your player is likely to be placed on a team with schoolmates. Volunteering yourself as a Coach will give you some consideration in any team formation.

How do I confirm my Online Registration?
Be sure to pay the fees on eAYSO by credit card – you will receive an email from the credit card company confirming the transaction. If your registration was done properly, you will receive a confirmation email within a day or so of registering online date.

What if there are any issues with my registration?
The Region 18 Registrar will contact you by e-mail to resolve any problems or issues. You may always contact the Registrar at if you have questions.

What’s next?
Teams will be formed in August. You will hear from your player’s coach in late August. Practices will begin after Labor Day. The season will begin on the weekend of September 6, 2014.

Additional Questions?
Please contact