RSS User Testing - July & August 2013

Thanks for taking the time to help us exercise a candidate for AYSO Region 18’s new Referee Scheduling System (RSS).  Your involvement can be as short as ten minutes or up to any amount of time you wish to give us.  We do, however, need to collect your initial impressions by July 22nd.  Through at least the end of the month, we'll be running tests which are intended to drive the software -- or our testers -- a little nuts.  So, be patient (and understanding) if things start to look strange or stop working.

You may access our candidate scheduling system through this link.

Updates as of Thursday, August 15

Version 1.2 of the User Guide is now available, and it contains a one-page Quick Start Guide.   See below.

User Guide & Quick Start Guide

You have each been provided a copy of the RSS User’s Guide.  As revisions to the document are made (based upon your input), we will update the User’s Guide.  You may read Version 1.2 of the User’s Guide and Quick Start Guide here, and we will update this link as we publish new versions.  (You may want to right-click the link & open in a new browser window.)  

While we’re testing the new RSS, we’ll put notes & answers to questions (FAQs) on this page, which is faster for us to refresh than the User’s Guide…. So check back with this Webpage occasionally, as these updates might very well become part of our training or reference material.

Test Data

The test data is all in “TU” Divisions, such as TU08 or TU12.  The matches are scheduled in July & August at small Hermosa Beach parks which can’t support soccer.  You won’t confuse the test schedule with real life.

Sending Comments

Please email us back with comments, concerns, questions, or criticisms.  Check back on this page to see answers.

Thank you for your help in evaluating the new RSS and related materials!  Your input and involvement is critical to the success of this process.

– Scott & Eric