Youth Team Assistant


Welcome to the AYSO Region 18 Youth Team Assistant program in association with the Mira Costa High School Girls Soccer Team.  Our program enters its second year after a highly successful inaugural season.  The program is available to all high school students who wish to assist an assigned team during the Fall 2013 AYSO season.  Last year, we had over 30 volunteers who were all assigned to U10 teams.  

While we don’t require attendance at every game or practice, we do hope you can make as many as possible.  Most teams have two practices during the week and one or two games (mostly one) on the weekend.  We encourage the mentors to try to make at least one practice a week.

There are three easy steps to sign up as a Youth Team Assistant.  First, fill out the questionnaire below.  Second, you need to submit your volunteer application and indicate Youth Team Assistant as your desired role.  Third, you need to take the online Safe Haven class, if you have not already done so (see above volunteer application link).  All of this will take you less than an hour.

Thanks for participating.  If you have any questions about the Youth Team Assistant program, please contact Hailey Kay .  If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer, please contact Chris Fudge.

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In order to best assign you to team, please indicate what days you are available for a team’s practice. Most teams practice two days a week either Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. Please indicate which of the five days during the week you are available but keep in mind the practice groupings.