The AYSO Team:  Adults working together for the benefit of the kids

In many American sports, the officials are the outcasts.  They are openly criticized, baited, insulted and mocked.  In soccer, the referee is to be treated with the utmost respect.  His or her decisions are to be accepted immediately without comment or dissent.  This is a difficult concept for many parents and, ultimately, their children.

The concept of the AYSO Team addresses the need for all adults to be respectful and courteous toward each other as an example for the players.

The AYSO Team is composed of three elements: coaches, referees and parents (spectators).  It can be envisioned as a triangle.If each member of the team has the same goal -- providing a positive experience for our kids -- and works with other members of the team, then the team has a great chance to win.

Our goal is to provide positive child development in a safe, fair and fun soccer environment.  If all AYSO Team members remember this goal, then each knows what to do to assist the AYSO Team in reaching this goal.

AYSO Triangle.jpg

Here are the AYSO Team rules:

When coaches, referees and parents achieve the Team goal, the Team wins!

When the AYSO Team wins, all the kids win!

Regardless of the outcome of the soccer match, the kids can all share the victory of the adults on the AYSO Team, as the important lessons of discipline, courtesy and respect will have been demonstrated in a safe, fair, and fun atmosphere of cooperation.

Learn more about being an effective member of the AYSO Team by reading AYSO Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers, and Parents.

- Adapted from AYSO’s Ready, Set, Ref!