Youth Volunteers

There are two role for volunteers under the age of 18 years to assist our Region.  Each role offers you the opportunity to share your love of the game with our players.  The Region is happy to document your volunteer time for any school community service requirements.

All Youth Volunteers must submit a Youth Volunteer Application for the current year and complete Safe Haven certification once in a lifetime.  More information on the Volunteer application process is here.

Youth Referees 

AYSO Region 18 has welcomed Youth Referees for decades.  In 2012, we had over 70 certified Youth Referees, several of whom were very active delivering games and pursuing higher level certifications.  Anyone 10 years of age and older is welcome to attend class and become certified as an AYSO Referee.  More information on the Youth Referee Program is available here.

Youth Team Assistants 

Last year, we launched our Youth Team Assistant program, in which 30 volunteers committed to helping out with the training of younger players in a specific AYSO team.  Any high school student is welcome to become a Youth Team Assistant.  There is no certification requirement beyond completing an AYSO Volunteer Application for 2013 and Safe Haven.  More information on the Youth Team Assistant Program and a registry are available here.